The Eight Point Safety Plan


An equipment layout design is prepared using state of the art computer aided design techniques using the ILAM/ROSPA/NPFA guidelines as point of reference.


Equipment is manufactured in our factory to stringent standards of quality and safety.


Equipment is installed by our fully trained installation engineers of quality and safety.


Upon completion, the equipment is inspected by our quality inspector who will not be satisfied with anything short of perfection.


At our expense, the equipment is subjected to an independent audit and a written report produced (UK) based on the guidelines. In the unlikely event of any shortcomings, immediate attention is given.


Adventure Soft Play conduct a staff training session based on the ILAM guidelines to introduce operatives to issues such as monitoring, parental/supervisory responsibilities and equipment checks. (UK)


The equipment is inspected a THIRD TIME after 6-8 weeks and a post installation service visit is arranged for net tightening and snagging - all free of charge. (UK)


Adventure Soft Play will offer a comprehensive maintenance Contract which includes regular inspections, preventative maintenance, ongoing advice and support.